Deep cleaning service Brighton

When you need more than a quick once over!

Scouring the web for a professional deep cleaning service in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex?

Have you bought a new property that is in desperate need of a lot more than a superficial surface clean? Maybe you’ve got the Queen coming for tea and want to make an impression? More realistically, you just need to spruce up your work premises or office block.

Dick’s Dustbusters will give your property or room a thorough one-off deep clean to make it not only clean and shiny, but hygienic too.

Our professional deep cleaning service can include our carpet and oven cleaning services too.

Whatever the reason, if you’re seeking a deep cleaning service in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, who you gonna contact?

Dicks Dustbusters: Our cleaning makes you feel good!

Fantastic attention to detail and superb cleaning results – I couldn’t have asked for more!

Dick’s Dustbusters carried out two deep cleans for me last week, as I moved from a rented property into my own home. Both 3-bed houses needed a full domestic clean,

Nicole Tata

Carpet cleaning

Amazing results on my lounge carpet. It looks and smells wonderful. With having a dog and two children my carpet gets a lot of wear and tear.

Michelle McQueen

Trustworthy and thorough

I’ve been a regular customer and I couldn’t recommend the team highly enough. That feeling of coming home to a clean house that I haven’t had to clean is just

Claire Summers